Here are some pictures that could make a difference in your home purchase decision.

A beautiful home in the outside, could be a nightmare in the inside.

High levels of moisture found under the insulation in the attic.

Hidden termites under a layer of fresh paint, a common issue in Florida.

Brand new A/C system, but the compressor was not strapped. We are in Florida.

Cloth wiring in a newly remodeled home.

Uncovered and found what was supposed to be filled with salt.

A leaking pool heater will drastically reduce the life expectancy of a roof and most likely cause a roof leak.

Double wiring found in the electrical panel. This is a typical cause of a fire.

Brand new A/C system but the ducts were not finished properly.

A loose live wire connection in the attic is a typical cause of a fire and/or a troubleshooting nightmare for an electrician.

This brand new roof was not properly sloped drastically reducing the life expectancy of the covering material by 70% or even more.

Leaking A/C ducks in the attic, like this one, will increase your electric bill and reduce the life expectancy of your A/C machines.